Why you revisit your Vision Board & Update It!

1.       Keep the vision board visible

2.       Celebrate the small victories

3.       Adjust your board as needed

4.       Be flexible with the vehicle to achieve/fulfill your purpose

5.       Focus on one thing at a time but be open to all things that you like even if they are not related

6.       Don’t be held hostage to titles or in the context in which people are accustom to seeing you,  do what you want in life and in business

7.       Create action steps to achieve your goals

8.       You can have 2 boards but I personally like to keep Business & Personal Goals on one board

9.       Involve your SUPPORTIVE friends and family in your vision, they can help keep you accountable or remind you of how far along you have come

10.   Your vision board by the end of the year should be marked up and checked off and updated as the months go by in that year




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Joy A. JohnsonComment