Don't start to quit. Start to keep going until the best path is revealed

Too often we have a plan, write it down, speak it out, tell everyone we know, in person and on social media, and then ....boom! It's no longer working, we don't love doing it that way anymore, and it's really no longer effective. Yet, overall you still love, and want, the outcome that you get out of what you do.

So calm down. Don’t panic. You can still get the same satisfying results of what you love if you open your mind to new, perhaps even innovative, vehicles needed to get there. Don't get caught up by the process, just ensure your end result is as it should be. You can get to the same destination by Walking, Jogging or Biking. Each has its pros and cons, of course, but each can get you to your final destination.

Discovering this very fact was so life-changing for me, I decided to share it with as many entrepreneurs as I could.

 In Joy, the Key to Entrepreneurial Happiness, I revealed how when the road got a little rough (a few times) and I had to switch vehicles, I mean create new vehicles, to keep it moving in the direction of where I needed to go in my business and to meet the changes in my life.

Oh yeah, it worked out. Destination arrived! 

Now on to conquer new goals!!!

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