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Joy A. Johnson

Author and Passionprenuer

Joy A. Johnson is a multi-licensed beauty professional, adjunct professor, international beauty educator, and the proprietor of Nails & Faces of Joy Spa. She's been in the beauty business for 10 years. She has wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, but it took her two more years to zero in on the specifics. At the tender age of 18, Johnson was bitten by the beauty business bug.


     Turning your passion into your profession, it doesn’t need to matter where a person stands at the starting gate  be it novice, mature, formally educated or loaded up in street smarts, single, single parent, married, divorced, widowed, or if a person is considered, by today’s society, to be conventional or unconventional — opportunity can be carved out of one’s passion to operate, and to prosper in it.

     "Dear Reader,You are not alone,” Joy conveys. "When I discovered that spouses, relatives, close friends or confidants don’t always support or understand your vision, I learned how not to let it drive my goals or purpose into a ditch." 

    JOY, the KEY to Entrepreneurial Happiness: A Millennial's Guide to Starting, Continuing and Reinventing Your Business empowers, informs and encourages women and young girls to get up and do what it is they feel led to do — really, it can nourish the men, too. Joy A. Johnson is an international educator,  multi-licensed beauty professional, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, soul mate, mother and an under 35-year-old business woman, who has successfully carved out her purposeful lane to become a Passionpreneur™.  


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Joy is a Passionpreneur, family woman, multi-licensed beauty professional, international beauty educator, mobile spa owner and serial entrepreneur. In this blog she spills the beans on the good, the bad, and the ugly about her trailblazing journey into the business arena. It reveals how one can define, assess and sustain his or her passionate vision. And it unveils her personal pitfalls and surprises about emotional and financial support, and so much more.