Be prepared to become an entrepreneur....Or at least try

        Was I prepared to become an entrepreneur? Yes ... and No ... at the same damn time. I knew since I was 16 years old that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. But the million dollar question was what do I want to do? 

     So let's fast forward to when I started to realize what I wanted to do. Booyah! It was the Beauty Business! (Okay. I know you know this already.) My first confirmation on this lightning rod of news happened just as my training ended for my beauty business career. I was let go from a job I loathed! And when I say loathed, I mean always trying to find a palpable excuse that made more sense than the-one-I-came-up-with-the-day-before to not show up for work! 

     So, I was already mentally desiring to make my dream, tangible, and to get my business started. But when I was abruptly let go—I like to refer to that occurrence as being set free—I was not quite prepared or nervy enough to become an entrepreneur. Have you found yourself treading in this same pond or in one similar to it? Acknowledging my both, Yes and No, reality, I boldly decided to start swimming—toward my dream.  And that's the short answer. Stay Tuned!!! 



Joy A. JohnsonComment